design, renovate & decorate

You've sold your house, now what? We depersonalized your property for selling, now we can personalize your new home.

Listed below are the services we offer to assist you with moving, living in and loving your new space! 


Are your rooms outdated and cluttered? Do you want a fresh look on a limited budget? Do you have a room that just doesn’t “feel right”? Buy Design can help! We will transform your space by applying design principles to your existing furnishings. Most rooms already have the ingredients needed for a good design; they just need the trained eye of a professional to unlock their potential. Using your existing belongings, combined (if necessary) with new paint colors, lighting, window treatments, artwork and/or accessories we can make a big difference on a small budget. The end result will be a beautiful space that represents your personality and suits your lifestyle. We know you’ll love it!


Often people fall in love with our staged properties and ask us to assist with their new home.  Shopping for furniture and accessories is very time consuming and often frustrating when you are also dealing with unpacking and setting up a new home.  The process starts with a site visit like any other staging job which enables us to get to know you and devise a design plan.  We clarify your needs, create a budget and then you get to leave the sourcing, running around and heavy lifting up to us!


De-cluttering can be an overwhelming job for many clients.  The longer you have lived in the homes, the worse it can be.  When selling your home, we offer this service to help you get started with what we call the "pre-pack".  You have to pack up anyway - we just nudge you along in a good way!  When living in the home, we offer this service to help decrease the clutter, create organization and simplify your life!


In addition to staging your existing home, we offer move-in services to help you settle into your new home quickly and effortlessly. We place your furnishings and accessories as they come off the truck instantly creating a functional and livable home for you and your family. We finish off by hanging your artwork and accessorizing each room to perfectly fit your new surroundings. You’re sure to feel at home and comfortable in no time!