What is home staging?

​​The art and science of preparing a home to sell in the shortest time for the highest value. Appealing to a wide range of potential buyers, a properly staged home maximizes the value of each showing by highlighting your property’s best features. Combining furnishings, lighting and décor with years of design experience and real estate knowledge, home staging creates that compelling first impression that makes properties more attractive, memorable and, most importantly, desirable to home buyers.

​what is the difference between home decorating and home staging? 

Home decorating is personalizing a space tailored to the specific home owner, whereas home staging de-personalizes a space for mass market appeal with the objective of selling your home.  When showing a home for sale, it needs to show off its fullest potential to a wide-range of buyers. We identify areas for clearing the clutter and personal items so that potential buyers can visualize themselves living in the home.  Your property is now a product that needs to be marketed and you have to detach and stop thinking of it as your “home”. By highlighting top selling features, enhancing functionality and visual flow, we create a desire in the buyer to make your home their own. 

Is it worth it?

It’s hard to argue with the facts! A fast, top-dollar sale depends on showing your home at its sparkling best. Statistics show that home staging increases a property’s value from 5-11% (2010 RESA – Real Estate Staging Association). Moreover, a professionally staged home will show better than the competition and will usually sell faster than un-staged listings.

​​Does it matter?

Home buyers typically make a decision within the first few moments. They must envision themselves in their home, not your home. After all, a home has to appeal to the buyer’s dream of how they want to live. Therefore, creating an engaging space free of territorial (or psychological) barriers is crucial. Buyers typically respond well to a staged or a tastefully decorated home rather than a vacant or cluttered property. This is because most buyers can't see the potential of a space, and need an initial positive impact created for them right from the moment they enter a home. All buyers enter a property looking for reasons to like or not to like that property, so it is very important to decrease any potential negative reactions, and give more reasons for buyers to take interest in your home. If a buyer doesn't like what they see in the first viewing of your home, it's very unlikely that they will take a second look.

Why hire a professional?

​Staging a home is no job for the inexperienced. It’s all about maximizing the value of your investment. Our expert designers and

stylists have staged thousands of properties and know how to bring out the best in each home we stage. Top realtors and developers choose us because our work stands out and gets results. We ensure all staging and customer service is accomplished at the highest level.

Is it too late to stage my home if it's already on the market?

It's never too late to make a good impression. Ideally, homes should be staged before being listed onto the market in order to get that first impression impact. It is important to note that the longer a home takes to sell, the more costs home owners will incur over time, so make your decision while contacting your realtor. The cost of marketing the property, mortgage interests, strata payments, maintenance fees, hydro bills, insurance and taxes, will all add up. In addition, the longer a property sits on the market, the likelihood increases for a further price negotiation and reduction. Price reductions normally start at $10,000 minimum, so why wouldn't you consider home staging if the costs to stage your home equates to only a fraction of a price reduction? It's never too late to get your property in top shape for a quick real estate sale.

​Most property’s sell eventually, why bother with the additional expense?

Where do you see yourself in 30 days? Two months? It’s all up to you! The longer your property sits on the market, the more likely your
asking price will be reduced and it may prevent you from moving ahead and shopping for your new home! Buyers who are shopping will rush out to see all new listings that are within their price range and desired area. You want them to LOVE yours above all others. We can help make that a reality.

What is the first step?

We will set up a time that works for you to view the property and assess the priorities. This initial consultation can take anywhere from an hour to 2/3 hours.  Our consultation includes a full walk through of the interior and exterior of the house where we make detailed recommendations based on the current state of the home, the marketplace and the demographics of the expected buyer.  Recommendations can vary from simple decluttering, changes to furniture placement and minor updates to a more detailed approach that revamps the space into something show home worthy.  Following the consultation, we provide a full report prioritizing our recommendations.  There is no obligation to Buy Design following the consultation. Based on the budget, sellers can choose to make the recommended changes themselves or have us manage the project for them.  Our goal is to bring you the biggest return on your investment.  

Can I use my own furniture and accessories?

Absolutely! We always try and use what the homeowner has to keep the costs down. Sometimes we just bring in a few accessories, if that will make the difference in the final product.  We have an inventory of décor items and furniture we can utilize to update and modernize the space if needed. Ultimately, we want the property to show it’s absolute best for potential buyers!

I know my property needs some painting and repairs done before listing…

Buy Design works with many professional, qualified trades people that we have built relationships with, ensuring you are in good hands. All repairs and renovations need to be completed prior to staging the property and we will be able to recommend what repairs will give the best ROI. By reducing the amount of repairs needed prior to moving in, you will be less likely to have a potential buyer make a low offer, knowing that the property is move in ready.

What will staging my property cost?

​The cost is dependent on what condition the property is in pre-listing. Our initial staging consultation will prioritize our recommendations for upgrades, repairs and rental items. If you can do most of the pre-staging work yourself (ie: de-clutter, cleaning, yard work) it will keep the costs down. If we use all of your existing furniture and accessories, there isn’t a fee for the rentals.  Once you determine how much you will take on yourself, and what you need us to manage for you,  we will provide you a complete outline of the project with an estimate for our services, necessary repairs and any rental items.   

Remember, think of staging as a ROI (return on investment), not an expense.  It will certainly cost less than a price reduction! 

How long will it take to stage my home?

This depends entirely on how much “pre-staging” work needs to be done. Our initial consultation will give you a game plan to work from. Once that is complete, the property has been de-cluttered, cleaned and the pre-pack is complete, we only need a day to come in and do our magic.