staging services 

Our expertise and experience with real estate market trends will allow us to create a home desirable to the particular demographics of the market sector in your neighbourhood.  We know what buyers are looking for, and how to produce an environment that will make them want to buy your home.  Our specialty is transforming the ordinary to extraordinary, but our main focus is always on results!  Our staging services are outlined below.

home staging consultations 

The first step to prepare your property for sale would be a staging consultation (working session) in your home which includes a  full walk through of the interior and exterior of the house. We will bring an objective eye to the project and look at every room with the buyers point of view. We make detailed recommendations based on the current state of the home, the marketplace and the demographics of the expected buyer.  Recommendations can vary from simple decluttering, changes to furniture placement and minor updates to a more detailed approach that revamps the space into something show home worthy.  Following the consultation, we provide a full report prioritizing our recommendations with the goal being the biggest return on your staging investment.  With the list of recommendations in hand, you choose how much of the work you would like to do yourself or have Buy Design to do it for you for a quick hassle free alternative.  


Staging your home for resale does not always imply that you must remove all of your belongings and start with a fresh palette. Certain occupied properties require the addition of only a few pieces to will help the space come alive and allow potential buyers to see the possibilities. We first work with what you have and may recommend renting items when appropriate. We have an inventory of décor items and furniture we can utilize to update and modernize the space if needed. We also have a proven network of service providers including cleaners, professional organizers and contractors we can bring in for any necessary repairs or improvements.  An estimate for these services will be provided that allows you to prioritize based on your budget.  Once this is approved, Buy Design will source all the items and install them at the agreed date. From managing repairs/trades, coordinating delivery, to placement and installation of all furniture pieces and decorative accessories, we will make sure your home is market ready.

full service staging - vacant properties

When a property is left empty, it is hard for buyers to see the potential of the space.  Some homes have strange angles, or are often so large (or so small) that it is hard to envision furniture placement or how the space can be utilized. Buyers can't visualize how furniture will fit in an empty space - and when they are ensure, they don't buy.  We will provide you with a free estimate to fully furnish your home including a detailed plan of all furniture, art and accessories needed to showcase your property.  Staging doesn't have to be a costly endeavor. With a quick sale, the costs saved on the monthly expense of mortgage, maintenance and taxes will mean staging will essentially pay for itself. Our inventory of décor items and accessories ensures our services are affordable when the budget is tight.  We focus on the important spaces within the house - prioritizing only those rooms that matter for listing pictures and to buyers with high expectations. Given our understanding of the demographics and product within the local market, we know what buyers are looking for.  Prices vary depending on the size of your space.